Home Decor Inspiration


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Always moving furniture around, browsing for new home trends and interior design ideas in magazines or on Pinterest, blogs and Instagram? Or simply looking for quick and easy interior design ideas to create a warm and cozy space? Cafedeco offers interior design ideas and inspiration for your home. We can even help you with ideas for your commercial space, such as cafes, restaurants and offices. Browse through our collection of inspirational images provided by interior designers, stylists and brands. All images include hotspots with product and purchase information, making your chosen home accessory or furniture available at the click of a button. Whether you are looking for ideas for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, kids bedrooms or garden. Or looking for that finishing touch if you have just finished renovating your home. You can find inspiration in various styles, from Scandinavian to Modern Country, Industrial to Classic and Modern to Retro Vintage interiors. Unsure of what style to go for in your living room and want to gather some home decor ideas from our interior designers? Or simply looking for some inspiration on the newest home trends to apply in your house? By using our Stylematcher we provide you with an overview of all relevant style matches packed with homeware items. And what's even better, we tell you exactly where to find the products at just the click of a button! If you feel you could use some professional help with re-creating the perfect look, all images also include stylist or interior designer details that can help with making your home, your home.