Waar is een soortgelijke stoel te koop?

Waar is een soortgelijke stoel te koop?

Vraag gesteld op 5 april 2020 door

I would love to achieve similar interior atmosphere as shown in the picture and find a similar chair as in the center of the photo.

  1. Sanne Leeh schreef:

    Dear Agnes,

    Thank you for your Find Your Furniture question. Our own Furniture Heroes have been working hard on finding a suitable product for you.

    We have found the following alternative:
    Model: Fauteuil Timon I
    Brand: Home 24
    Link: https://www.home24.nl/product/fauteuil-timon-i-stof-anda-ii-pink

    Furthermore, one of our interior stylists is giving free advice on Thursday 9th of April. This would be the perfect opportunity to find out more about how to create a certain atmosphere in your rooms. Get your time slot for the free advice here: https://www.cafedeco.nl/inschrijven-voor-advies/

    If this is not what you’re looking for, let us know!

    Kind regards,

    Furniture Hero

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